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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“IT services and management (ITSM) alludes to the whole of exercises – coordinated by strategies, composed and organized in procedures and supporting techniques – that are performed by an association to configuration, plan, convey, work and control Information technology (IT) administrations offered to customers.“

When it comes to Information technology services, there are plenty of startups to help you find and serve what you are looking for. But out of thousands of options available, what should anyone having the least knowledge about IT be looking for any proposal offered by the IT company. Hashan Kodituwakku, a highly knowledgeable and professional in IT services has a different way of addressing this statement

According to Hashan Kodituwakku who is a IT startup company director of Intuition Consultancies Inc, the best proposal anyone could have from IT would be the one which offers guaranteed outcome. If the services and offers provided to customer comes with an agenda showing a cycle of result, budget and investment , then the possibility of achieving customer satisfaction is very high.

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Speaking of the services itself, Hashan Kodituwakku provides all the top managed services at Intuition Consultancies Inc.

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