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Hashan Kodituwakku’s CCTV and Access Control services to enhance Security

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hashan Kodituwakku is pleased to celebrate 26 years of its IT services, which is CCTV and Access Control. Hashan Kodituwakku

provides high-quality and cost-effective IT services that meet our customers' needs. He manages and support all IT service solutions using innovative technology. With the utmost consistency and quality, Hashan Kodituwakku makes technology an asset for clients through unique, custom-built solutions.

With its variety of features, CCTV and Access Control provides ongoing management of your physical security infrastructure so companies can focus on their businesses. Hashan Kodituwakku offers top of the line CCTV and Access Control systems installed by experts with years in the industry at extremely competit ive pricing. He also installs non-proprietary systems that allow customers to use any technician of their choosing after install, so his team isn’t obligated to one supplier.

The need for CCTV and Access control can not be over-emphasized in recent times. Hashan Kodituwakku understands the various security threats in modern times and methods used to bypass less-robust security and access control systems. Hence, he deploys their premium experience to design, install, upgrade, and maintain CCTV and Access Control Systems. His CCTV and access control systems allow users to cost-effectively protect their business property from theft and shrinkage and protect their employees from those who seek to do them harm.

Hashan Kodituwakku can design, install, and maintain CCTV and access control systems customized for your business's unique needs and environment. He renders both superior hardware and software support.

"The installation of CCTV and access control systems allows you to cost-effectively protect your business property from theft and shrinkage and protect your employees from those who seek to do them harm," said Director of IT, Hashan Kodituwakku. "Our CCTV technicians are trained to implement integrated solutions to provide you the ability to record, capture, and review all activities on your property in great detail through the use of new digital recording technology. Clients can view the cameras and recorded images over their existing network or the Internet," he added.

Hashan Kodituwakku is also expertly equipped to install intrusion detection and security systems, which are custom designed and programmed for each application. Whether you need a basic security system consisting of motion sensors, smoke detectors, and door and window coverage, or a more elaborate system including wireless services and panic switches. Hashan Kodituwakku allows total customization and design, giving you the ability to cover your entire building or strategically protect entrances and critical areas. A variety of user programming options makes this solution perfect for your specific needs.

With 25 years of proven experience in IT services and security organizations, Hashan Kodituwakku is committed to finding the right solution for you. Whether you need software development, Web design, or and security systems, you can trust Hashan Kodituwakku to provide top-of-the­ line products backed by highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

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